Vastu for Hospital

Hospitafls and medical centers are the key factors in national health systems, and consume a large share of spendings. Hospitals provide a valuable contribution to building a stronger health system and a healthy community. Their health activities include monitoring health status, investigating health problems, educating and informing individuals about the prevention of diseases, and promoting sound health.
Creating a comfortable and holistic space for patients to get well again is integral in ensuring that they will leave the hospital with positive feedback. Every hospital has different specialties that must be considered while designing a layout as per Vastu Shastra.

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Hospital Vastu Plans & Design

The importance of hospital design as per Vastu is not often discussed, but it’s an important element to consider for the people that you serve. When designing a new hospital or renovating the current one with limited space and budgeting constraints do your best to incorporate these principles in order to make patients feel calm and safe during their stay while also feeling more at home when they come back after their recovery.
Healthcare management is actively seeking out ways to improve their clinical outcomes. One way they have found this year is by adding in natural landscapes for both interior and exterior designs of the building where people are receiving care.

Key areas to consider when designing a hospital or medical center as per Vastu:-

 Surrounding the hospital (External Vastu)

 The Shape of the hospital

 Entrance to the hospital

 The waiting area as well as reception

 Admission area , Consulting room location

 Patient room and their sleeping directions

 Operation theatre location, Doctor’s consulting room

 Medical room

 Worship area

 Lift and staircase area

 Meditation Room

 ICCU area

 Landscape and Plantations

 Restroom and toilets

 Canteen as well as locker room

 Administrative Office, billing section, and record room

 Storeroom for medical supplies

 Garbage scrap area

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Plants in the hospital- a positive prescription

If you have visited a friend or a relative in a hospital, chances are you brought them fresh flowers or a plant.
A plant is a sure way to make someone smile and heal. These plants are more than just decorations, they have the capacity to bring joy and release tension in people’s lives by boosting their moods or soothing aches and pains from illness. Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.
Healing happens inside the hospital. Hospitals, clinics, or medical centers should be designed in such a way that it has a blend of natural Vastu elements. These elements can be in the form of water features (Element-water), natural lighting (element fire), landscaping (element earth & space) with a beautiful plantation(element-wind), healing paintings, etc. “Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients” – according to researchers at Kansas State University.
Adding natural elements like live plants can make the hospital a more relaxing place for patients and their families as well as employees. Indoor plants transform a hospital stay.
Plants naturally filter the air of harmful chemicals and other toxins that could otherwise make it unsafe to breathe. Plants in hospitals can also combat SBS (sick building syndrome), boost humidity levels which decrease cough-inducing dry air.
Research shows that patients who had plants and flowers in their hospital room recovered significantly faster from surgery, required less pain medication, experienced lower levels of anxiety and fatigue during recovery time. Patients were more satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility as well since there was such a relaxing atmosphere overall throughout each day they spent at the medical center.

What types of paintings and art benefit the hospital as per Vastu?

Visitors and patients often find hospital environments dull and uninviting. Artwork of natural landscapes, Animals, birds, water bodies, mountains, etc. makes them feel warmer, more positive, and less painful. These artworks with a positive element promote space healing. When a person is closer to that painting, a subconscious mind picks up the message from the picture.
A British paper demonstrated art’s “positive effects not only on patient well being but also on health outcomes such as length of stay in hospital and pain tolerance.” According to Michael Mullions, Co-author of a recent study on hospital art in the International Journal of Qualitative studies in health and wellbeing The view that art can have beneficial effects on patient recovery is generally accepted nowadays. It is also documented that art can reduce the experience of pain through distracting the patient’s attention.”

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Prayer zone in Hospitals
Does prayer have the power to heal?

Every hospital should have a space for prayer. In Vastu, it is called a tranquility zone. Research shows that prayer makes people better, heal faster, get out of the hospital faster, and also suffer less.
Dr. Randolph Byrd, a cardiologist from San Francisco General Hospital, had conducted a study on the therapeutic value of prayer that was designed to stand up to scientific analysis. Over a 10-month period, a computer randomly assigned 393 patients in the hospital’s coronary-care unit either to a group that was prayed for (192 patients) or to a group not remembered in prayer (201 patients).  
The results were impressive and statistically significant: The prayed-for patients were found five times less likely to require antibiotics and three times less likely to suffer lung complications.