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Villa – a Symbol of luxury and unique lifestyle

Different people have different goals and needs, but the most important thing for a home is that it should be comfortable for the resident. Some people like the benefits of living in an apartment, while others prefer the niche experience a villa provides.

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Why Vastu?

Vastu is a sacred architecture. It represents a complete system of design covering all key aspects of the construction process. This Vedic architecture is based on the natural laws of the universe. The secret of the universe is found in energy, frequency, and vibrations. These are again channelized through five elements of Vastu Shastra. These five elements create auspicious or inauspicious forces in the house based on their locations.

Vastu Layout

Good Vastu layout has a significant impact on lifestyle and health. Designing a pleasant and well-balanced environment and properly organizing living space according to Vastu will attract good luck, prosperity, and health
If properly designed and aligned, homeowners can reap benefits in terms of a peaceful and prosperous family, while business owners will find their businesses flourishing.
The essence of Vastu is the creation of harmony and a dynamic balance between your inner space and your exterior space.
In the apartment, the land is shared by multiple owners, but in the case of an independent house, bungalow or villa, you are directly connected to the earth which is a prominent element of Vastu Shastra. Hence Bungalow dwellers have more control over the major Vastu elements than the apartment owners.

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Second Home – Vastu

After a long week at work, it would be refreshing to get out of the city and still unwind within the comforts of your home. The ideal relaxation home for you is an investment in a house that is close to a beach, forest, or in hilly regions.
You can fill this cozy house with vast suggested natural materials, plants, and basic home appliances that will let you unplug from your hectic urban life.