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The Hospitality industry is one that relies on a high level of quality service and facilities to keep its repeat business. A guest’s satisfaction should be the top priority for any hotel property, which means every detail from physical layout design to staff interactions needs attention.
One way properties can encourage more visits or even bookings, is by incorporating Vastu norms into their environment; when done properly this helps create an atmosphere with great energy that enhances customer experience in ways they return over again for repeat orders or stays at your establishment!

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Role of Vastu in hotel planning

Vastu means the science of structure. If you were to take notice of the places where you felt the most relaxed and comfortable, you would likely discover that the spaces that feel best hold the five elements in balance. In places that feel uncomfortable and disturbing, one element tends to outweigh the others. You can enrich and elevate your space by harnessing the superpower of nature’s five key elements offered by the Vastu system.
Vastu is all about the flow of energy. Energy flow can be modified to align the imbalance forces. In the world of reality, you do not get results based on the work you put in. You get results based on a combination of your hard work and your work environment. You can improve that last factor by getting your business space with Vastu guidelines.
There is no scientific evidence to prove that implementing Vastu can change everything like magic. However, businesses can simply view Vastu as a positive reinforcement of the relationship between the customer and the environment within the building.
The hotel should have a balanced and coordinated environment. It helps you in better operational efficiency, stable growth, and greater satisfaction from not only the new customers but also from repeat customers. Excellent customer experience is the foundation of any strong and successful restaurant.

B. Vastu planning of New homeWhat are the benefits of good Vastu Designs for hotels

 You will have minimum manual errors.

 It will improve guest satisfaction.

 There will be a more positive review from the guests. Hence there will be a higher occupancy rate.

 Frequent visits by the satisfied guest.

 It increases the reputation of the hotel. Hence the value of the hotel goes up.

 There is an increase in referrals. More referrals mean more turnover.

 The performance of employees will go up gradually, due to the harmonious environment. They will be more service-focused. Happy staff=happy customer.

 It improves the hotel’s online ranking and drives more bookings. Hence the hotel has an advantage of more revenue.

What are the impact of bad Vastu planning

 The number of complaints and negative reviews is likely to rise, which could have a huge impact on the Guest satisfaction rating you need for success in business!

 Poor service quality.

 Frequent food complaints from the guest. This may impact the guest’s repeat visit.

 Lower standard of cleanliness. As a result, guest references are restricted.

 Frequent mistakes by the administrative staff.

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The entrance of Hotel

The entrance to the hotel should be welcoming and easy to find and access. It is a gateway to wealth and success. It is a connecting channel between customers and businesses. The front entrance in order to make it auspicious should be in the positive and most auspicious direction marked by an experienced Vastu expert. Any obstacles in front of the main entrance could result in difficulty in getting new as well as repeat customers.
When a hotel driveway warmly welcomes you with beautiful plants (Vastu green zone) & flowers, an exotic water fountain (Vastu element-water), and a smiling-greeting doorman, you are immediately satisfied even before you step into the lobby area. As a result, first impressions are the most lasting. The perfect front entrance determines the popularity of the hotel.

Restaurant seating arrangement for hotel Vastu

Tables and chairs should be in a harmonious arrangement preferably in alignment with the magnetic axis. The customers should be facing auspicious directions while having their meal or drink at the restaurant or lounge. A Square or rectangular table with a little round corner is preferred to avoid conflict and discomfort at the site.

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Hotel Kitchen

Harmony and efficiency in the kitchen is the key to any hotel or restaurant’s success. The kitchen is considered the core of the hotel. As the kitchen uses the most two important elements of the Vastu i.e. fire and water, it is an area prone to conflict.
The quality of food and the high standard hospitality is of prime importance and hold power to make or break a restaurant’s reputation. Good food good service and awe inspiring ambience of restaurants are the ingredients to the recipes of a perfect restaurant. For the success of any hotel or restaurant, it is advisable to put the kitchen in the fire corner of the site. The taste of the food cooked in the southeast corner is much better pulling many more customers with frequent visits. Most importantly, there are lesser complaints about food quality and service, if the kitchen is made towards the fire corner. Hence tandoor, live-fire counter, and chimney should be in the fire zone.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu for Hotels, Motels, Resort, Cafe & Restaurants


 Surroundings of the hotel like roads, structures, rivers, canals, mountains, etc. Hill or mountain towards the north or east may impact the growth of the hotel. A river or water body in the south may create service issues, staff turnover and, also mismanagement in the hotel. In order to select an auspicious location that will represent good fortune and a thriving business, the hotel’s exterior appearance must have a clear-cut and square or rectangular shape design.

 The hotel should not face a pillar, trees, or any such object which creates an obstacle in the front door view. This might disrupt the smoothness of the day-to-day operation again and again.

 Avoid hotel too close to temple, church, or mosque. It is difficult to attract money and good luck at such a location.

 The hotel should not be planned close to cemeteries or burial ground or graveyard, which are filled with harmful vibes and hence will inevitably cause adverse effects.

 It increases the reputation of the hotel. Hence the value of the hotel goes up.

Hotel Building Design

The hospitality industry can benefit from a creative and innovative design that incorporates Vastu. A guest will feel immediately welcomed, comfortable, relaxed when they enter a space where the flow of energy has been taken into account and everything is in balance with what you would expect to find in nature. Attracting a new guest is challenge hotels face every day.
For business travelers who return to their room after a long day of meetings, relaxation is paramount them. The look and feel of the room define the rating of the hotel. A satisfied guest gives a positive review which helps in new bookings and repeats visits. Hence consider guests as the most powerful marketing tool.

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